Welcome to the crazy world of a twenty something writer just trying to make it.

My name is Stacy and I am a aspiring writer, my Blog has now become my place to practice my writing, share my thoughts, my life, and my story. I have a very wonderful life living with my Mother and Boyfriend. I was never able to find enough time to write so now this Blog is my new challenge and project.

I love all forms of writing from poetry and lyrics, to novels and comedies. I love listening to music and focusing on the lyrics, the meaning behind them, what the artist was thinking when he/she wrote them, trying to understand and get a little piece of some emotion that they were feeling at the time.

I really hope that you like what you read on my Blog and I really want to make it as personal as possible, I want people to feel that they know me, that I am always being open, honest, and truthful to them, like they were my best friend. I want people to walk away from my Blog with a sense of understanding, and possibly being able to relate to what I write. I write about my life, things going on, and some tips and ideas that have helped me since I started writing again.

I’m not published, I’m not famous, I’m just a normal twenty something writer, and just like you, trying to find the right way to make things work in life. I hope you follow me on journey through my crazy life trying to get writing done while living in a one bedroom apartment with my Mother and Boyfriend.

It’s nice to meet you and I hope you stay a while!






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