House Sitting – Pip Squeak and Powder Squeak

So my mother in law and her boyfriend left today to go to Colorado. Me and my boyfriend are officially left in charge of everything. It’s a little farm up north, I wrote another Blog about being up here before, it is quite nice here.

As for the farm part, it’s more or less a huge chunk of land with a small barn on it. No animals, well no farm animals at least. We do have plenty of chipmunks, squirrels, skunks, ground hogs, deer, turkeys, and tons of birds.

The most special animals this year were these poor baby skunks. Their Mom was gone, we are pretty sure she was hit by a car, my mother in law and her boyfriend drive over 12 hours to take them to a wildlife sanctuary so they would be okay. Also we have two squirrels that we have named Powder Squeak and Pip Squeak. They are most definitely squirrels, however they are the size of chipmunks and are completely bald on their bodies. They both have some very fine and sparse hair on their heads and tails. Powder Squeak’s hair is white on his head and tail, and Pip Squeak’s is brown.

They are both such sweet creatures, especially Pip Squeak. You can walk right up to him and he won’t run, I put food down right in front of him and he doesn’t mind. I even scratch his ears on occasion and he seems to like it. I chase seagulls away who try to steal his food and generally look out for him. Now before everyone starts saying, oh your going to teach him to depend on humans, all I have to say is yes, I am, because come fall, we have to take him to the wildlife sanctuary. He has no fur and is less than half the size he should be, he will not make it through the winter. He has some kind of mutation, or severe bird defect and needs to be taken care of.

My mother in law has taken care of him pretty much since he was born and we are going to have to keep taking care of him and Powder Squeak or we fear they won’t make it. In this house we are all animal lovers and aside from putting out some seed, corn,and nuts, we always want to see animals live the life nature intended for them, but sadly that isn’t possible so this little guy gets special treatment from us, we want to have him live his natural life as long as possible before we take him into the sanctuary, and we aren’t going to take him in until the nights start getting cold in fall.

I really wish this little guy all the best. I wish them both all the best. I love animals, all animals and it makes me sad to see a little guy who wasn’t dealt a fair hand, however, for whatever weird reasons it may be, nature made this happen and therefore all we can do is help out where we can and try to make things better.

Good luck little guys. We got your backs.


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