My Friend – Jack Of All Trades

I know this awesome guy, he is friends with my Mom. I met him about a year ago when I moved in with my mom, he was the superintendent here at the time. He really is a jack of all trades. He is pretty much qualified to be a fire fighter, he does most of the renovations on his house, also all the landscaping in his backyard, and to top it all off, he used to play with The Eagles.

He is one of the nicest guys I ever met, he has helped me and my Mom out so much, he has taken us up to the house he owns, taken us to the beach, he has an awesome mustang convertible and he drove us around in a couple times, then went really fast and scared the piss out of my Mom. He treated us like family and it made me feel really good.

He isn’t the superintendent for our building any more, but we still see him and he comes and visits us. He has been really busy lately but he always calls and keeps us up to date with how everything is going and makes sure to say hi and what not. My Mom never had a ton of friends, more so just because we always lived in ghetto areas with the kind of people you don’t really want to get involved with, but since we moved to where we are now she made friends with him and another lady and I am very happy for her. She deserves to have friends that care about her the way these two do.

He came into our life and did a great deal of good for me and my Mom, he also likes my boyfriend as well so that makes me happy, I kind of look at him as a second father as I don’t see my dad too much, and I always felt he treated me kind of like a second daughter. In general, I really feel this man has made our lives better and I am really glad that me and my Mom met him.

Do you have any special friends that mean a lot to you? Anyone who came into your life and made it special?


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