My Reasons Why Gardening Is Great

If you haven’t realized I love gardening and plants from all the pictures I take and use as image headers, then I’m spelling it out for you, gardening is awesome. I haven some herbs I just planted inside the other day and they are already sprouting. These are my reasons to take good care of your plants, and reasons to maybe start a garden of you own

The most important reason, plants clean the CO2 out of our air. Having plants may not make the air in your house much better, but it can’t hurt right? Plus your contributing to the amount of plants in the world. If everyone planted one plant, then that’s a hell of a lot more plants to clean our air.

They are beautiful decorations as well, you can get plants in all kinds of colours and styles to suit the design of your house. Plants work great for decorations in your living room and bedroom, and even as nice accents in your bathroom. They also are great on porches, especially if you live in a suburban area, they make it feel like you’re closer to nature.

They produce healthy alternatives to buying food from grocery stores. Sometimes it nice to know where you good came from, how it was grown, and what it came in contact with during production.

Fresh herbs are amazing, no herb sitting on a shelf for weeks can compare. They are much more fragrant, flavorful, and they look beautiful on a ledge in your kitchen. Also you benefit from the above point as well.

Some plants, such as lavender and chamomile have very relaxing scents and can take the edge off after coming home from a day at the office, and flowers in general usually have amazing scents. Even a small vegetable garden has a distinct scent that I love.

On top of everything else, gardening is relaxing, as long as you don’t take on too much at one time it can be a great way to wind down at the end of the day.

Planting annuals outside is a one time thing at the beginning of each season depending on the plants you grow. Also if you get annuals that all need to be planted around the same time you can just plant once a year. Perennials come back every single year, so if your up for the task of planting, but it’s not something you would like to do every year then consider annuals.

If you don’t want to water too much, then there are also drought resistant plants, and some regular plants also have drought resistant strains.

I think these are all great reasons to have a garden, or even just house plants. They are wonderful company, endless design possibilities and there are plants for every experience level.

Do you have a garden? If so what are some tips you like to share, or your favourite fruits, vegetables, flowers, or herbs?

PS. I missed yesterday’s two posts I wanted to do. I am putting this one up now, and tomorrow there will be four posts, the first of which is going to be the one I missed today.


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