Thanksgiving is a huge event for some families, for other not so much. My family happens to be the latter. I have a decent sized family with a grand total of 5 aunts, 6 uncles and all the cousins and such that go with them. I have been to only one “real” Thanksgiving dinner, you know, the ones with like 90% of your family there.

Other than that really its only been the occasional turkey my Mom has cooked for me and her, or going over to my dad’s when he made a turkey dinner. Thanksgiving is more a less treated as just a holiday that comes and goes in my house, no anticipation, no planning, no big dinner, no family gatherings, at most it’s just a little turkey and stuffing shared by me and my Mom. We haven’t even had a Thanksgiving dinner at my Mom’s house since I met my Boyfriend and its been five years since then.

I did however have a really nice Thanksgiving dinner last year with my Boyfriend’s family. We were staying at his Mom’s, and they invited my Boyfriend’s older sister over and her Boyfriend, plus my Boyfriends Mom and her boyfriend. It was a really nice get together and I really enjoyed it. I hope to have another Thanksgiving like that with them again sometime.

As for when we decide to start a family of our own. I would like to have some sort of family tradition. I think it’s nice for families to have traditions, goofy or otherwise.

What do you do for Thanksgiving? Do you spend it with family, have a big dinner, or is it just another holiday you skip over?


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