Some Points On Planning A Party For My Boyfriend

Parties are awesome, who doesn’t like parties? I was thinking about how I would go about a part for my Boyfriend, and as I was thinking, it hit me, what the hell would I do. Thinking about topics like this is can be easy to just sit there in shock wondering how well you really know your Boyfriend/Significant other. I know my boyfriend likes chess and video games, but so what, am I going to have chequered napkins and a piñata of a rook?

Thinking about this forced me to seriously contemplate what I would do if I wanted to through a party for him. When I saw party I don’t just mean like a few family members coming over bringing a couple presents for a birthday or, I mean inviting friends over, playing music, having drinks, decorations and things like that.

Thinking about this made me really think about what I know about him. So far, this is what I am come up with:

My boyfriend isn’t a fan of huge groups of people, he used to be a DJ not to long ago so most people would think otherwise, but really he just likes to sit at home and relax with me, and when he does go out with friends it’s usually only one, out of a very very close friends. So I have decided when it comes to how many guests to invite, I will most likely only invite a few of our close friends, that way it’s a nice intimate environment where most people know each other, and if someone doesn’t know other people, we will know and be able to introduce them, that way they won’t get forgotten about and left to wander awkwardly.

One of the most important things at parties other then the people, is drinks. Now my boyfriend not being much of a drinker probably would have maybe a beer or two but not much else. I would probably supply a few different types of beers, along with a few girly mixed drinks. I would probably like to do something such as leaving the bottles of alcohol out along with juices, toppings, mixes, and ice, and leave little cards out with little simples recipes on them on how to make cute little drinks. I like doing stuff like that, I think it’s a great idea, and then I don’t have to mix punches and make drinks, and besides mixing your own drink is fun, and a great conversation starter.

As for decorations, I don’t really think I would have any, I would make the house look nice obviously, like some new flowers, maybe some pretty baskets to hide clutter and some nice accents like cute coasters and such, but other then that, it would pretty much just been a much cleaner and more organized version of my house.

Music is something I can have fun with, he is really into Techno and all those electronic sounding songs. So I could just get a bunch of stuff like that and he would love it, pretty much as long as I don’t slip in any of my Screamo, Emo, Rock, whatever you call it music, then he’s happy. I would also probably slip in “our song” somewhere in there as well.

There are a million other details and stuff that go into planning a part, but these are just some of the basics I decided to think about, I’m glad I did it too, because it made me think about my boyfriend and I realized I know more about him then I give myself credit for.

This post was inspired by a writing prompt from a book I have, it was supposed to be planning the ultimate party and detail everything, but I just decided to see how well I knew my boyfriend by figuring out what I think he would like. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!


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