Writing About Something I’d Never Write About (It Makes No Sense So Just Move Along)

The exact opposite of my interests, things you will probably never see me write about for one reason or another. There isn’t anything wrong with any of these topics and the reasons I won’t write about them vary from not much knowledge or not my thing, to couldn’t care a less about them. So here is my things I will probably never write about and the reasons why.

Politics: A lot of people see politics as controversial, I see it as the only reason anything is controversial is because society makes it controversial. I personally don’t really give it a thought. I don’t find it interesting, I think there is to much drama over it and it’s just not my thing. I understand that it is important to vote for the next Prime Minister (Or President if you’re American) and I will vote this year after doing some research, but it isn’t something I follow closely, between that and my complete lack of interest in it, it’s something I will almost definitely never write about.

Sex: There isn’t anything wrong with sex, or writing about it, however I tend not comfortable talking about sex with thousands of people from the Internet reading it and for that reason alone I am stopping here.

Religion: Another subject that is so called controversial. I don’t shy away from it because people think it’s controversial, it’s more so that again, like politics, it’s just something I am not interested in. I am not religious, if someone is then by all means awesome, but I am not a huge fan of the few people who do push religion in other peoples faces, so for those reasons I don’t like talking about it, for some reason whenever I have, someone has always come out and tried to push their side on me, they were nice, but sometimes they just don’t get the point. A short chat about it with a close friend over coffee is fine, but not with thousands of people on the Internet where we all know the crazy likes to come out of the woodwork with topics like this.

Money: This pretty much means anything that has to do with buying things worth lots of money, such as a house, car, condo,and completely ridiculous giant-ass T.V.’S. This is mostly because I am currently broke, so you won’t hear about me buying a house for a long, long, LONG time. Maybe getting my first apartment with my boyfriend, but that’s the best any of us can hope for.

Speaking of Giant-ass, I do tend to swear sometimes. So here is a kind of warning to let people know who read my Blog, I do swear, I’m not that bad, (Well not yet at least) but I haven’t exactly had a day gone horribly wrong since I started this Blog, so if you don’t like the occasional shit, damn, or F-bomb then you might not like me. It’s part of my voice, it’s how I talk in real life, it’s not unreasonable, and I don’t censor myself.

 What you see is what you get.

 So there it is, stuff that (Other than this post obviously) you will most likely never see me write about. Hope you got to know me a little better.

Is there anything you don’t like to write about, any specific topics you stay away from and why?
It would be great to hear your answers in the comments below.




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