The Letter Friend.


Today I wrote a short story in response to today’s Blogging 101 Challenge. The instructions were: You find a letter in an envelope on your path, you read it, it affects you deeply. You wish it could be returned to the person it is addressed to. Write about this encounter. The Twist was to make it as brief as possible. I have never written something from beginning to end, I have written very long novels I never finished, but never ended something, so I tried to make it reasonable for myself. This is a fictional story written by me, I hope you enjoy it. I would really appreciate any comments and/or feedback on this story. Please Enjoy!


Chapter 1:The Letter By Chance


I left the apartment that morning, going to the nearby store to grab some smokes. It was a normal day, just finished writing, Mike playing his video games and my Mom listening to her music. I walked around the building the long way to get some more time in the sun, it was a beautiful day. As I was walking through the back parking lot I saw something on the grass near the garbage bin, I don’t know why it caught my eye, or why I even walked over to it, but I did.

I picked up the letter but there was no address only a name, and some words, Sophia Kinsley, The most wonderful wife I could have ever asked for. It had been sitting out on the wet grass, it rained the night before. I opened it up, the inside was readable, it must have found its way out here after the rain storm, it hadn’t been soaked through to the letter. I opened it up and read what it said.

Dear Sofia,
You were my love.
You still are my love.
I know you aren’t here.
I know I wasn’t perfect.
I hope one day I can see you again.
And we can be together for eternity.
Thank you for everything,
You always kept me honest.
I will see you again I hope
I just wanted to wish you well,
And let you know I still think of you everyday.
All my love and devotion is still to you.
Be well, and be safe.

 Love, John Kinsley.

It appeared to be a love letter, from a man hoping to get his wife back. I really felt for his situation, I could never lose Michael. I decided then and there I would try my best to find Sophia Kinsley. As I went to put the letter back inside, I noticed something else, a photo. The photo was of a beautiful lady with a loving husband by her side. I assume this would be Mr. John Kinsley and his wife.

I decided the trip to the store could wait and I started walking back to the entrance. As I was walking I felt a weird sensation, something felt strange, nothing wrong, quite the opposite, something very right. Either way it freaked me out enough that I quickened my step till I got to the entrance, unlocked the lobby door and ran all the way up to the apartment.

As I got in everything was doing the same thing they were doing when I left. I went and sat next to Mike and he paused his game. I opened the letter, read it to him and showed him the picture. He said that was a sweet letter but what was I doing with it. I told him all about finding it, and he asked me what I was planning on doing with it. I looked at the letter and thought to myself, what was I doing? Something just didn’t feel right about throwing it back in the dumpster, or even leaving it in my desk to collect dust. I turned to Mike and told hims exactly what I was planning to do.
“I am going to find the person who was really meant to read it.” I said.

“Look Hun, it’s sweet that you want to return that letter, I know you have such a huge heart, but it could have been meant to go to Antarctica for all we know.” He said. He was right, he was always good at using logic, even though I rarely listened to logic, I still don’t but that’s another story.I got up and went to my computer, I had her name and her picture, it was a start. I did the first thing I could logically think of in this day and age, I Facebooked her. I went through all the Sofia Kinsley’s in the area, then moved my search out further and further. I saw a few people who could have resembled her, but my heart said it wasn’t her. After a while my mom came out and asked me what I was up to.

Again I retold the whole story to her and showed her the picture, the lack of success with trying to find the lady on Facebook and honestly telling her that short of going to the news station (Which I was seriously starting to consider) that I didn’t know what to do. She took a look at the photo.
“I think I’ve seen this guy around the building, maybe ask Debbie about it.” She said.

I was really happy she had some idea of who this person was, I thanked her and decided I would go do some writing for a little bit (Writing always helps me think) and then talk to Debbie. Debbie is the superintendent for our building, she is a nice women and I see her around a lot. I sat there thinking to myself I really hope she can help me. I told Mike I was going to go talk to her, he wished me good luck gave me a kiss and I walked through the halls to the next building and knocked on Debbie’s door.


Chapter 2: Return To Sender


When she answered I said hi and she looked a little surprised to see me, when I do see her it’s usually just in the hall on my way out, never coming to her apartment. I again told her the story of finding this envelope, I read her the letter, and explained how I would really like to find the person who was meant to receive it. I told her my mom recognized the photo of the man and thought she had seen him around the building. I showed her the photo and waited for her to say something. She just looked at me for a second.
“I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but you won’t find his wife, she passed on a few years ago.” She said, sounding very sad. It sounded like she knew her.

I just looked at her, I was sad for this lady, and sad for her husband who was still alive. I kept comparing their life to my own, how would I feel if I lost Mike, how would I feel if he died before me and I was left to stare at his side of the bed everyday. I would feel sick to my stomach and so alone. I felt sad, but I was still undeterred, I wanted to meet this John Kinsley, I felt that bringing back the letter was doing something right. I asked Debbie what apartment he lived in.
“He lives in 307. He is a old, lonely, heart broken man. He may be able to use a friend like you.” She said.

I went back to my apartment to tell Mike my plan. I explained that Sophia had aready passed on a few years before and that I planned to go to his apartment to return the letter. I just thought that if Sophia was gone, the next best person to return it to was the original writer. It just felt like the right thing to do. When I told Mike all this he just looked at me for a second.
“Okay, but I’m going to come with you. I’m sure he’s harmless but I’d feel better if you weren’t alone.” He said. I told him sure and we went to Mr.Kinsley’s apartment.


As we got closer to the door Mike turned and looked at me.
“I know you want help everyone, you don’t like seeing people in pain, and you don’t like seeing people hurt. This man may be in a lot of grief from the loss of his wife and you may not be able to help him. I just don’t want to see you get hurt because of it. Your girl with a big heart, and you let everyone in, but not everyone is as caring as you, just don’t let it get to you if he isn’t as kind as you, okay?” He said, he really sounded concerned, but this was something I was determined to do weather I got hurt or not.


Chapter 3: Apartment 307


I looked at him and nodded. We walked up to the door and Michael knocked, after a few seconds a elderly, worn out and tired looking man opened the door.
“Can I help you?” He asked. I just looked at him for a second, he looked worn down and had a sad look, like a solider who’s seen too much war. Mike started saying something to him, I think it was an explanation. Once he started talking about the letter I interrupted.
“And the letter really touched me, the words, the emotions inside it, I really wanted to make sure it got to her. I know she is no longer here, and through that letter it made me feel like I knew a part of her, and I am really sad she is gone. I figured that the best thing I could do was return it to you. I’m really sorry for bringing this up and-”

“It’s okay, come in.” He said. We walked in, and the first thing I noticed were the photos of his wife and other of both of them. He had quite a few of them, and in all of them, they both looked so happy, like the perfect couple.
“So you said a letter you found is what brought you here?” he asked.
“Yes, I wanted to deliver it to the person it was meant for, but when I found out your wife had passed on, it didn’t feel right to not do anything. Something in me just felt it was right to bring it back to you. If this isn’t something you want to talk about I can leave, I know this is none of my business, I’m so sorry.” I said
“Don’t apologize young girl, I haven’t had anyone to talk to for a very long time, it’s a welcome change of pace to have visitors.”He said with a smile.

I handed him the letter and picture, he ran his fingers over the face of his love, and silently read the letter to himself with tears in his eyes. He then set the letter down on the table, and slipped the photo into his shirt pocket. He then slowly stood up and started walking towards the kitchen.
“Can you get you two a glass of water?” He asked.
“That would be really kind Mr.Kinsley, thank you.” I said, Mike nodded in agreement with a smile. When he got back he set mine and Mikes cups down and went back to for his.


When we got back he sat down but as he set down his cup he spilled it.
“Oh, no!” I said. I noticed that the water had ruined the letter that I had worked so hard to return to him. I was upset, but not. After all the effort to find who it belonged to, the letter was now ruined, but I felt fine. After the mess, I went to the kitchen with Mr.Kinsley and we grabbed some towels and cleaned up the mess. We hung up the letter to dry and Mike went home after a little bit, comforted by meeting the old man. We spent the afternoon going through old photo albums and sharing stories of love, loss, and humour.


Chapter 4: Friends Of Fate


We had many afternoons like that since that first one. We became good friends. He no longer had that worn out look of despair and sadness, he now had the look of a man who had found a friend, and in that friend happiness. He isn’t the only one who benefited from this. I found a friend in him as well. As a girl who grew up different from everyone else, never being accepted, and always finding company in adults more often then teens, we made an instant bond together. Those were some of the best memories I had.


A few months later he passed away in his sleep. I like to think he passed happy, with thoughts of friendship and memories of sharing wonderful stories about his wife with me. I like to think he’s now up there with his wife, telling her of all the memories we made talking about their memories together. After all those months together there is one thing I learned, that the second I picked up that letter I had complete my task already, the person the letter was meant to go to was me. I was meant to find, meant to find Mr.Kinsley and meant to forge this friendship. At least that’s what I hope, but a feeling in my says it’s right.


Mr.Kinsley if you’re up there listening I have something to tell you.

Dear Mr.Kinsley.
You were my friend.
You still are my friend.
I know you aren’t here.
I know I wasn’t perfect.
I hope one day I can see you again.
And we can be friends for eternity.
Thank you for everything,
You always kept me honest.
I will see you again I hope
I just wanted to wish you well,
And let you know I still think of you everyday.
Your still have my friendship and care.
Be well, and be safe.

 Love, your friend, Stacy.


The End.


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