Stacy Madl The Novel – A Short Review


This post is for a writing prompt in one of my E-Books. The prompt is to write a review of your life – or someone close to you – as if it were a movie or a book. So this is a review of my life as a novel. Each “chapter” is a year in my life, and as I am almost 21, it ends “a few pages” before chapter 21. I didn’t know whether to post this or not as my life isn’t all peaches and cream, but what the hell, so I did. I just left out most of the specifics. Hope you enjoy!


Stacy Madl The Novel- A Short Review

Review by: Stacy Madl

The novel Stacy Madl is a pretty interesting one. It has a slow beginning but gets interesting pretty fast and there is definitely room for more greatness to come. Here I will give you a run down of the novel and my opinions of it. I hope you enjoy.

Chapters 1 to 4 go by pretty fast, starting at chapter 4 there are a few meaningful interactions with people that are worth remembering and a few interesting things happen but nothing much else until about chapter 12. Because of it’s real lack of action until later on it is very slow starting, but if you can get through those chapters then your in for some interesting stuff.

Around chapter twelve things get a little more interesting however it’s not always happy. The main character suffers some bullying and shitty circumstances throughout chapters 12 to 14.

Chapter 14 is more happy, the main character finds her place and her people and things begin going better for her, that doesn’t last to long and her happiness seems to have dissipated by chapter 15.

Things again are pretty slow but pick back up around chapter 16, at the end of chapter 16 it seems she really has found her true happiness, her happiness takes the shape of a boy a few years older than her, but things are headed for trouble.

From the end of 16 through to 17 is horrible agony and despair for both of them, things you don’t want to think about and even the author has a hard time retelling.

Near the end of chapter 17 the main character seems to get a break from the madness for a few months but by chapter 20 she is right back where she was before, sad, destitute, and desperate.

By the end of chapter 18 she is doing much better. Her and her lover made it through, there are still hard time they will have to face in order to over come the past but things are looking much better.

By chapter 20 things are going great for them, financially they aren’t doing very well, but they love each other more than anything and are willing to make anything work and they have loving family who help them out and make things easier on them. Things really look positive in this chapter and you really see a new beginning for them. They overcame so much and stuck by each other.

The book ends a few pages before Chapter 21 and they really seem to be walking the path they belong on. The main character and her lover both find their passions and pour their souls into them. They love what they do and they love each other, and their story isn’t going to end any time soon, that I know for a fact.







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