This poem was inspired by a writing prompt in a book I was given called 624 writing prompts. I started to add a entry from this book along with my usual other posts everyday. This started out with the prompt, which was “What can happen in a second.” I started writing and it started to rhyme so I switched a few things around and I wound up with this, I kind of like it, so I hope you do as well. Enjoy!


A lot can happen in a second.

People are born and people die.
People live and people lie.
A decision can be made.
Someone’s mind can be changed.
A life can be ruined,
A Person be framed.
Things start and things stop.

Things open and things lock.
A heart can be broken,
A heart can be lost.
A Watch can stop ticking.
A light can stop flicking.
A cup can be spilled,
Or a cup can be filled.

It’s all how you look at it,
The good or the bad.
It’s all in the second,
Right down to the last.
Treasure every one,
You never know when they’re done.
When you’re last second comes,
And you think about it all.
Remember the good times,
Last seconds and all.


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