Thanking The People I Hated The Most

The general idea of this post is someone or something that was in your life that is no longer in it.This is going to be part one of a three part post, each one focusing on people or things that are no long in my life, how they affected it and where I am now because of it.

For part one I choose not just one person, but multiple people, people who despite the way they treated me, I thank them for making me who I am today.

These people are my age, people I grew up with and went to school with. These people are the kids who bullied, me, called me a Satanist for liking Marilyn Manson and all around treated me like a lesser human being because I didn’t dress like them, talk like them, like their music, and in fact I had no desire to be anything like them at all. In fact I wanted, and still do want, to be the farthest thing possible from them. They had no respect, no desire to be good people, and all they cared about was how popular in their click they were.

This was all just in middle school, I thought girls weren’t supposed to get that vicious until high school, but actually my high school experience was much better than middle school. I was never treated right, I was called the loner, the loser, Satanist, Goth, freak, and every name in between.

These people are now long, long gone, and I’m sure some of them are decent people today and I’m not bitter towards them, granted I doubt I would ever talk to them ever again, but I think I am entitled to that, after all these people made grade 3 through 8 complete fucking hell for me, so think I am entitled to be a little upset.

However I am thankful:

Because of these people I know what it’s like to be called a loser and make sure to be kind to everyone.

Because of these people I know it sucks to be the one left out of things and will make sure to always include everyone at school, at work, or at gatherings in activities and groups.

Because of these people I know how it hurts to be treated differently because of how you dress, I will never judge someone based on looks, you can dress emo, girly, punk, hipster, goth, or otherwise and I will want to get to know you so I can know you, for you, not the way you look.

Because of these people I know what it’s like to feel used, to have someone call you their friend just because they need somewhere to do their hair at lunch for the school dance, and I will never use someones desperation for a friend for my own selfish gains.

Because of these people I know what it’s like to have friendship hung over your head like a dog treat, trying to do everything for them to make them like you, I will never withhold friendship from someone, or make them believe I would like to be their friend if those are not my intentions.

Because of these people I am a better and stronger person, I will never be like them, and they made me who I am today. So to the people from my middle school, thank you, thank you very much.


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