Anywhere In The World (And Beyond)

If I could go anywhere in the world, it would not be this world I would chose, it would be out there.

For as long as I can remember I have loved science and outer space. I think gazing down on the earth and seeing the vast beauty that only a few select people ever get to see is something everyone needs. I think all world leaders should have to take a trip to space to see the earth from above, to see we are all on this planet together, in the end it’s not countries, provinces, or states, it’s the planet. We all need to work together, end of story.

I would love to see the view, to feel zero gravity, there is so much more out there to discover and see and I really hope they land a man on Mars in my lifetime. I want to contribute to the future of our planet and the best way I see is to further space travel. One day we may have to leave earth in other to continue the human race, and when that day comes, whether it be an asteroid, nuclear winter, or neutron star, the end result with be the same, leave or die.

It would be great to run all those experiments, doing testing, developing new materials, making space travel safer and move affordable so more people can see that beauty.

I’ll probably will never see it, but I can always look up, and I’ll always wonder what it’s like to be the one looking down.

Update: This was done for day two of the Writing 101 Challenge.


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