A Dying Rose

This is a poem I write many years ago,in middle school. It is one of my favourites I have ever written to this date along with another one called “Train Tracks” written at the same time in the same boring library period grade 8. I’m 20 now so it’s pretty old, but I still like it, and I hope you do too! Please feel free to leave me any comments, feedback or suggestions. Thanks for reading.

Setting seasons, setting sun,

Watching roses die one by one.

Stressing nothing, Worry for none.

Time flys by you’ll know when its done.

When they lay you out you’ve had all your fun.

A rose red as blood they’ll place on your grave,

One last bleeding heart nobody saved.

A consequence like no other,

Sitting on your bed there was a devastated mother.

A shock no one could contemplate,

Your selfish and you sealed your fate.

A permanent solution to temporary problems,

If you only had told me I would have helped you to solve them.

A destination yet unclear,

I hope one day to meet you there.

And smack your face front and center,

Then tell you that I’ll love you forever.

Then wipe your tears and dry your eyes,

Promise that you’ll never say goodbye.

Until that day come around my dove,

I’ll keep you in me I swear my love.

Your sweet taste the one I long,

Of biting your lip and singing your songs.

Love has no boundary’s yet i can not feel you,

I hope that you are fine and up there they have healed you.

Everyday I think of you,

Every wish i wish for you.

A saddened heart has come along,

A fate that will be sealed by a gun.

A destination yet unclear,

I hope one day you’ll meet me there,

And smack my face front and center ,

Then tell that you’ll love me forever.

Then wipe my tears and dry my eyes,

And promise that we’ll never say goodbye.


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