Weekend At My Boyfriends Mothers.

So we decided to come up to my boyfriends Mom’s house last week to help her and her boyfriend get some work in the garden done. We came up on Thursday and we are leaving today (Tuesday). The week was a blast the first day we came up we relaxed because we took the train up so it was a little tiring. It was only a thirty minute train ride which was totally awesome because usually we take the bus and its two hours on the bus. Once we got to the terminal his Mom and her boyfriend picked us up, but not before we had a huge scare about what station my boyfriend told them to pick us up at.

This station was in the middle of nowhere, we didn’t have enough change to make the five dollar long distance phone call to contact them and there was no store in site, even the train station store was closed. We were totally scared that we were screwed, we thought we were going to have to ask some random people to use their phone. (Yes we are both currently cellphoneless) So we walked up to the road and saw nothing but fields and then we walked back to the station stood around looking stupid and worried for a while, and then, the best thing that could have happened, happened. His Mom and her boyfriend showed up.

We were so revealed, and it turns out Mike just said it was “The Barrie GO Station” of which there are three. They figured out if we were coming in by train only two of them had trains coming in, and he said it wasn’t the one they usually pick us up at which was one of the two with trains, therefore they figured out it was this one (By the way I could be totally wrong about how they figured it out, from what I remember it was what I just wrote and a little bit of luck on me and boyfriends part)  so we were extremely excited when we saw them pull up and we hopped in with our bags and off we went for the hour drive to the house.

Once that little scare was over we rolled up into the driveway to their not so little farm. It’s not like a animal farm with horse’s (I wish) and other stuff, it’s a pretty big property with a large field with a paddock that could have horses in it, also an small oldish barn that I think is really cute and I love going in it because it still smells like horses. (If you haven’t noticed I really like horses) And another building we call “The Dojo” because the old owners taught some kind of martial arts in there, and they considered turning it into a place for my boyfriend to teach Brazilian Ji Jitsu at one point. Anyways I love this place, it is beautiful year round and is so relaxing.

So the first day we relaxed and had a good sleep and the next morning came and we set to get to work on things in the garden. My boyfriend took charge of the rototiller while I took charge of the hose, his Mom worked on planting tomatoes and peppers and other wonderful plants, and her boyfriend put down the hay around the plants to smother out most of the weeds. I watered all of the beds. I was very happy to see two new beds me and my boyfriend helped dig last year were looking beautiful. It really is nice to see something you worked hard on a year later looking so wonderful.

After I finished watering all of the beds I checked in on everyone else and then started to help lay down straw around the plants and then soaked the straw so it would help keep the ground moist. It was a fun day, the sun was hot but it was nice, everyone was working together, I got to spend some time in the garden, and most importantly spent time with my boyfriends family and helped them get important things done. His Mom does a garden every year, at least for as long as I have known her and I love gardening too so it’s a great way to spend time with his family.

We got a lot of work done that day and I had a lot of fun, I did a lot of watering and I find it really relaxing and peaceful, and I am really happy with how the garden looks so far.

Also some point during that day we went to the little thrift store nearby and my boyfriends mom got me some really nice stuff, however we had the boys with us so we cut our visit short in order to make sure we didn’t incur the wrath of the boys who had to spend hours looking through clothes.So she said we would come back just the two of us before we went back home.

On Saturday we went to the Farmers market, my boyfriend stayed home for that and watched movies, only his Mom, her boyfriend and I went. It was really nice though. She gave me 20$ for spending money which was so nice of her and we all went and looked around. The first thing I saw that caught my eye was this little set of glass figurines, I’m not one for collecting stuff however these were super cute, it was one little duck, with four really small frogs (I am such a sucker for anything cute) and they were so cute. The guy sold them to me for two dollars and threw in the little glass mirror they were on as well. I felt good, they were awesome.

I walked along some more and saw some really cute dogs that somehow running a stall had, one was a little Chihuahua named Bandit (my favorite) and the other was a black lab named Katie. I played around with them for a while and looked around some more. As I was looking at the jewelry a gust of wind blew over a little rack of scarves and I helped him pick them all up and when he saw me looking at the rings he said I could have one for helping him, I asked him if he was sure and he said yes, that many people would just walk by and leave it but I helped and he would like me to have one, it was really nice, I offered to help him out with some other things but he said it was okay so I got a really pretty ring just because I did was most people should do when they see someone needs help.

After I wandered into the inside of a barn with more little stalls and found this wonderful women who was selling her had made lollipops. They were 3 two dollars so I bought three, one maple, one butterscotch and one root beer. I thanked her and went back to looking around. While I was looking around I decided to try one and it was the most delicious lollipop I had ever had. It was awesome, so I went back and bought three more, and believe me I would have bought three hundred more if I had the money. We talked for a while and she mentioned about a possible deal she might have for her lollipop production and she was such a sweet women, she told me how it is hard to make them but it’s a labor of love. I really liked this women and then I saw a really pretty Tinkerbell neckless and she said it was twenty but she would give it to me for ten so I bought it. When I get her card later out of my bag I will definitely post a link to reach her so you can help support her. She was a wonderful lady and I can’t get over how much I really liked her.

After that I met back up with my boyfriends mother and we looked at the plants for sale, she bought a bunch and I decided to get a little tomato plant because currently I we are living in a small apartment without many windows. I am happy with my little tomato plant though. It’s kind of funny I bought one though since me and my boyfriend both can’t stand tomatoes but my mom likes them so I guess I am growing them for her. I just like gardening though so it’s okay.

That night me and my boyfriend relaxed and watched Armageddon, it made me cry so hard. After that I wound up with a massive headache, probably a combination of crying plus being out in the sun for the past two days. I love the sun but after this extremely long winter, I have not seen sun in a very long time. So I got my headache, my boyfriends mom got me a Tylenol and I went upstairs, turned off the light because it was making my headache worse and somehow fell asleep in five minutes, I was so tired I didn’t even know I was tired.

The next day we went to the thrift store just us girls so we could spend a little more time looking.I found some nice capris I liked, a cotton tank top,a pair of shorts and a shirt I saw the fay before, it’s a little see through but I figured if I put a black tank top underneath it will be fine. So that was the shopping I did, my boyfriends mom was nice enough to buy me that as well. We had a nice time together out that day.

So here at today, woke up early because I am always the first in bed, got some stuff packed of mine to take home and had some coffee, now my boyfriend is watching one of those movies that start out good but then just go overboard, I don’t like it. So here I am sitting on the porch outside typing away. Were leaving in four or five hours so soon I’ll be home, and then it will be back to the distractions of video games.

I’ll hopefully be able to peel myself away from Kingdom Hearts long enough to write another blog post. I had my 3DS and PSP here and actually didn’t play Birth By Sleep or Dream Drop Distance (both totally awesome games) all too much this weekend, although my boyfriend did. All in all I had a great weekend with my boyfriends family and I’m sure he had a great time seeing his mom.



Update: I forgot to mention I am participating in the Writing 101 Challenge to get my writing habits up to date! This is in Response to day one.





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