Mommy Man!

Momy Man-Adventures of a gay super dad

I wanted to share a blog about I family I think is really awesome! His name is Jerry and his partner is Drew.
They are two awesome dads raising two beautiful twins they had through a surrogate mother.

Jerry has a site called Mommy Man and his book Mommy Man– How I Went From Mild Mannered Nerd To Gay Super Dad.

You can check out his site here

And support him by buying his book Here!

And if your not sure about how totally awesome it is, listen to the guys on Goodreads, they know their books!

This book is most definitely being read ASAP, as soon as I can get my grubby little hands on it!


4 thoughts on “Mommy Man!

    • No problem! You totally I deserve it! And when I get more people following me I’ll make sure to do it again! I’m going to go to Chapters here in Canada with my friend next weekend and get your book! Take Care!

    • Your book is everywhere! My best friend loves going there so we are planning it as get together, we can spend hours in there! I am going to show her your book and I know she’ll love it.

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