Writing From The Heart, For The Heart

Flowers In The Meadow

Writing is like a flower, beautiful, delicate, and always imperfect. That’s what makes it perfect.

Through writing over the years I have had great inspiration and great failure. There is one thought that has stayed with me though, one thing I was doing wrong for a very long time, and that is putting to much thought into my personal writing. Of course you should always put effort into you work so you can be proud of it, but not everything you write needs to be your moment of brilliance,  sometimes you need to just let the words flow and just go with it.

This is true even more so when you are just writing for your self. I would put too much focus on what to write, how to write and spelling even through I knew no one other then myself would see it, and by doing that I spent one hour on a paragraph when I had a million other ideas I wanted to get out on paper but they fell by the wayside due to my inability to let go of something that wasn’t phrased quit right or a scene that didn’t play out perfectly in my head.

This amounted to many works never finished, many ideas never written, and many emotions never brought out. When you are writing for yourself, do not get troubled with it not being perfect, that’s what editing, reviewing, and going over your work is for,  and trust me if you get into writing as a profession you will be doing plenty of it! So have fun with it and let your imagination guide you.

This is not saying that quantity is more important than quality, I am actually trying to enforce the belief that it really is quality that matters more.

Try to look at it like this, the more you write, the more you will improve right? However if you are stuck thinking about one paragraph or sentence over and over again, your not really writing so much a just reiterating something over and ever again, and that’s where I went wrong. I thought that I could writing something amazing on my first try, I just had to sit and write each sentence a hundred time until it was perfect, but in the end I wasn’t learning how to write at all. All I was doing was running around in circles and getting nowhere fast.

My advice to all the beginner writers out there just go with it, you’ll have plenty of time to worry about proper grammar, spelling and sentence structure later, for now, just let it flow.

And most importantly, keep on writing.                                                           Best of luck!



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