Private Words

Writing in my journal is something I love to do, but for some reason I am a bit of a perfectionist with it. I have a beautiful brand new journal bought from Chapters that I have yet to touch because for some reason it feels like a huge commitment.

I have since sat down and thought why do I do this? Having a journal is supposed to be relaxing and something you look forward too, meanwhile when I journal I have to write in the same pen every time, write the same amount of pages, write every single night. I guess you could say I put some unnecessary requirements on my writing. 

So I have decided that I am going to make a note in the front of my brand new journal. A note to remind myself it doesn’t have to be perfect and I don’t have to write everyday if I don’t feel like it, this is my journal and my little world to get away.

My note:

So this is your new journal and it’s yours to do what you want. You can scribble in a million different colours, write once a week, once a month or once a year. There is no pressure, no requirements, no start date and no end date. This is your retreat to write you thoughts, feelings and opinions and your day. Nothing is perfect, and your journal really doesn’t need to be, these are your private pages for your private words

If you have similar issues when it comes to keeping a journal I encourage you to write a note like this on the front page or on the back of the front cover if your first page is used. Tailor it to your needs and feelings and whenever you feel pressure, or anxious about writing in your journal read it and remember, it doesn’t need to be perfect. These are your private pages for your private words.



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